Aged Care Placement Services

Our Aged Care Placement Services are comprised of three parts – we assist you to find a facility, we assist you with moving in, and we assist with everything in between!


Find a Service provider

Use our directory to find the facilities you would like to visit, add them to your list and we will book your inspections for you.



After you have visited your facilities and know which one you like best, we will handle all your paperwork and get you ready to move in.



The last step in the process is moving in. We will organise moving trucks and people to help pack all of your things. We use companies from our Care Network so you are in safe hands!


Want extra help through the journey?

Our placement services help people who are actively seeking an aged care service provider and offer unparallel support and care. Our placement team can liaise with providers, organise inspections, assist with advice and information, and even help you get moved in.  Placement services can help you with the following;

Shortlist providers


Book Inspections

manage Paperwork


Help packing
& moving

“Finding A Facility For You Or Your Loved Ones Can Be An Emotional And Complicated Process. Our Team Is Here To Make This Process As Smooth And Comfortable One.”

Joe Dimarco

My Care Choices Founder

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