Residential Aged Care Seminars


Making the decision to enter residential aged care is a difficult decision for most families and often seen as the very last resort. The emotion, the stress, the uncertainty all plays a part in the decision-making process. The system is complex, and information to help support you make an informed choice may not be easy to access or understand.  That is where My Care Choices can help. 

Our online information sessions empower you to make informed choices on residential aged care options for you or your loved one. Choosing the right home for you or your loved one is an important decision, and one most people unfortunately make quickly and with limited understanding of the system. We believe that someone who understands the residential aged care system will have greater choice to choose an option that aligns with their lifestyle and values.




Introduction to Residential Aged Care

Free program for 1 hour discussing the following:

  • What options are available for residential aged care?
  • How to access a Residential Aged Care and what is the journey
  • What should I discuss during the ACAT/ACAS assessment?
  • How do a select a good residential aged care facility?
  • How to find a Residential Aged Care Provider
  • Overview of residential aged care options
  • What should I consider when selecting or changing residential aged care providers?
  • What choices exist for residential aged care and how to get the most out of it?
  • What is Consumer Directed Care (CDC) and how does it impact models of care?
  • Overview of residential aged care pricing model and fees.


Residential Aged Care Essentials

$99 for 1.5 hour session 

  • What support can you receive and how it can be delivered to meet your personal preferences and choices?
  • What services can I get in a residential aged care?
  • What services do residential aged care providers provide?
  • What type of accommodation does it offer (single or shared rooms)?
  • What clinical care will they provide?
  • How good is the care provided by the staff? How do I assess this?
  • What additional services can they provide me?
  • Understanding the residential aged care pricing model and fees.
  • Questions you should ask your provider about your care and support options
  • How to access a residential aged care bed and potential hurdles?
  • Understanding your rights and responsibilities as a residential aged care recipient
  • What involvement do family members have in the residential aged care system?


Residential Aged Care Advanced

$99 for 1 hour session discussing the following:

  • How are my accommodation charges calculated and what option do I have?
  • Understanding the mechanisms of the residential aged care system
  • Being re-assessed as your care needs change
  • Out of pocket expenses and means tested care fees
  • Complaints and complaint management options
  • What do you do if you are over charges or incorrectly charged?
  • What should I do when changing a residential aged care provider?
  • Key considerations from:
    • A financial perspective – to ensure you pay the correct fees.
    • A legal perspective – to ensure your rights are maintained.
    • A clinical perspective – to meet your care needs.
    • The perspective of choosing the right provider – to meet your individual needs.

“Our information sessions are designed to give an initial overview of the sector, answering frequently asked questions and then progress to more specific and advanced information seminars.

We build your knowledge base.”

Joe Dimarco

My Care Choices Founder

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