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Everyone has preconceptions about aged care. These can be culturally informed, fuelled by the media, or based on personal experience. Whatever your perception of aged care, there comes a time for many when the safety of your loved one becomes the main priority, and you need to arrange care. The aged care journey is fraught with emotion, particularly when there are multiple parties involved like siblings, cousins, or even a parent. Finding the balance between respecting the wishes of your loved one and ensuring their safety and dignity is prioritised can be isolating.

That’s why My Care Choices developed the Aged Care Journey for Family and Friends online information session. We offer valuable information about navigating the aged care system along with key considerations to the emotional side of the journey. Our team have decades of experience in the aged care sector and can support you through your journey.



The Aged Care Journey for Family and Friends

$99 for 1.5 hour session 

  • What are the key considerations for family members in deciding to put a family member into care?
  • What are the challenges and key milestones for family commencing on the aged care journey?
  • What advice and support can I receive during this process?
  • What are the choices and options for care?
  • How do you navigate the aged care system?
  • Strategies for communicating with family members who need care and the importance of engaging other key decision makers
  • When is the right time to enter care?
  • What are the key drivers of the decision-making process?
  • How to reassure care recipients during the aged care journey

“Our information sessions are designed to give an initial overview of the sector, answering frequently asked questions and then progress to more specific and advanced information seminars.

We build your knowledge base.”

Joe Dimarco

My Care Choices Founder

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